Pure FC 24

Pure FC 24 Live from Fuel Fitness in Milwaukee, WI.

August 20th, 2022 

Fights begin @ 6pm.

Scheduled Fighters:
Dan Newberry, Ryan Hooper, Javier Coronado, Shaine Moffitt, Cody Linne, Daniel Soko, Andrew Henschel, David Conley, Januel Perez, Julian Valencia, Yami Copeland, Saul Valdivia, Hollis Nelson, Courtney Vogel, Wyatt Moxom, Ben Walls, Alex Garland, Johnathan Zavala, Kevin Messer, Aurtan Daley, Shreya Patnaik, Jake Kaminski, CJ Goon, Jeremiah Ortiz, AJ Jones, Nate Aleo, Molly Rubel, Omar Choudhury, Gonzalo Ponce, Linzy Hudson, Josh Howard
More about the event:
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